Wounded Soul N Longleng Lyrics

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(Verse )
"So who you trying' to please?
Kick a stone and you will hurt yourself
Seek not to please our-self but
These words still ring in my ears
"Seek first the kingdom of
Don't lean on your own insight"
I should have listened 2x!!!

Without You, I can do nothing,
I've tried my own ways, I've failed,
I fight my own destiny and it disappeared,
I'm tired and broken

(Verse 2)
"Closer we approach this reality,
Everything becomes unreal
Life becomes insecure
Travel lightly, detach the selfish thoughts
We can't earn that Salvation
When We run our own race to win
I'm done with this....2x
Show me how to live.....!!!

Come rescue me....
I'm struggling with
broken bones
I'm losing this fight....
Give me the strength,
Help me fulfill this purpose
Take what's left in me
Only You can Save me (2x)