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Covid 19

With No Alarm
And still hitting
Restlessly slept
Through the night
Who miss the funeral?
I know
You listing
But could never
Hear it sponge
Throws the eyes
Of the mind
Of a anaconda
Changing colors
Throw the tress
To lessen the odd
Of you
Reaching the other
Before you lose your mind
Or trophy for you spine
Make a stand now
Or the rest of you
Feed on the bottom
Tell theirs no one left
In need of
Some work
Search out the galaxy
Coming in lenient
Man to stations
Their Plenty beef
Oxygen and
Sculls of champions
Take the planet from ohm
They abuse it
Smoking heavy
The waters contaminated
Don't drink it
Wear your oxygen mask
To breathe
Around all that trash
Them ratio active
Earth conjunction junction
Whats you malfunction
It looks likes you killing yourself
Cut all that
That hooping and a halloaing

North West P Town Pioneer
Twist Master Ink(C)