Super Gremlin Freestyle Lil Rey Lyrics

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I’m never duccin it’s end of discussion dese niggas be talking out da side of dey necc.

Lil Rey be on it, lil bitch you don’t want it cause lil Rey will die bout his fuccin respect.

Niggas keep playing dis song, & subbin me bitch if you say it say it witcha chest.

Ninja turtle looking ass nigga if you say anything bitch you’ll get hit in yo necc.

Bitch I be damned if I go bacc & forth wit a nigga pushing 50 lil bitch you can’t fight.

Niggas was scared to step up inna house was calling my bird when I picced up da knife.

Bitch you a loser, you niggas is old.

Coming for me man you niggas is bold.

Me or the weather ? Bitch what’s really cold.

Dese niggas be cheating & breaking da code.

Niggas ain’t profited or shot at shit.

We kno bout you bitch it ain’t confidential.

Det busted van couldn’t get a rental.

Get beat in ya head like a instrumental.

Na, He salty, it’s elemental.

Dese niggas be salty no sodium.

Niggas be scared when I hop onna podium.

He aint gone run up yk Lil Rey be folding em.

Next time a niggas is subbin & driving I’m hitting det bitch & he wrappin it up.

Niggas be scared to come by when I’m home but get a lil drunk & start acting so tuff.

Niggas be faking I’m catching dey bluff.

Don’t want no smoke unless you taking a puff.

I be giving out chances & passes to niggas so say one more thing bitch it’s up & it’s stucc.

Pussy lil bitch ? whatcha mouf.

For I have my niggas come air you out.

You want recognition, reaching for clout.

I’ll have you sitting on a fuccin cloud.

If I say it bitch imma say it loud.

I be proud to put niggas up inna ground.

Lil bitch you a clown, keep rappin nsht but we kno det you really don’t wanna get down.

& bitch yo ass kno det I’m running town.

Talking nsht but chu dont want no round.

Dey kno when I’m coming cause dey kno det sound.

Niggas talk tuff till dey see me around.

Niggas be flexin & flossin wit dem lil ass poccets yo shit couldn’t even hold a pound.

Nigga don’t pay his own phone bill, you shouldn’t have shit to say hoe cause lil bitch you a clown.

Old ass nigga you trippin.

Bitch you ain’t no superstar.

Strugglin sellin dusty cars.

Just kno it ain’t safe for you.

Now tell me who da pussy lil bitch ?

I’m not playing witcha.

Shootas hit em from afar.

Bitch I set the fuccin bar.

Got a shirt sitting waiting for you.

You gone when dey hit det switch.