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I pledge to try my best,
Eyan Man O' War,
don't give me a test,
I can give you more,
beating up my chest
But my heart is pure,
Don't make the jest,
Coz my life secure.

She tell me her,
name Mamanimal,
Bringing up her age,
She be ma grand mama,
She wanna make me
her Gee papa
and wanna be
her sweet lover

She ask my name,
She ask my surname,
She ask my act,
She ask my what next

My name is vex,
My surname is Rex,
If u make me vex,
Your sister maybe Next,

She excited,
Really really excited,
Baby so u are mounted,
Love u much are counted,
Ba ba ba ba counted,
La la la la mastered,
can't u get my password,
many love are captured.

I'm real,
Never talk of me,
Baby fall on me,
People fall for me,
I'm the real one,
never talk of anyone,
showing love to everyone,
fighting game already won,

She wanna make me her heart CEO,
She never make up her mind PTO,
Up to down her ex; bulldozer
she want to Scott under me like pullover,

Never be a sinner,
Loving loving Shinar,
Moving to d cenima,
Na na na na na na na,
this beat is already done,
momma call me her only son,
never be a criminal,
give me more additional,

this little mama wanna kill me,
oh! looking down she wanna kill me,
she said I look like her dream love,
she wanna play me like a dream league,

no money she wanna plait her hair,
nothing to do I gat a job,
low salary I need to try
she wanna make me to rub the bank

look at me from head to toe, (baby)
I know one day I gat to blow,
not by rubbery but through my flow,
how many lamba I wanna throw,