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Wow o wow wow

Can I be your man
Would you be my woman
Baby talk to me
You don’t need to dopt
Am just living life
Many run there mouth
Nothing fit to stop my shine
Anyhow he be just let me know
I know money is important
God dey involve
Something go sup
Everything go be alright

Baby never let me down
Would you stay wit me for life
Anything for you but don’t play me bad
Girl your love is crazy

No other vibez
Smoking some loud
Things got me high
No matter what sound
My love never slack
Doing what right is done
Sapa no dey play
Man gas race , make you know go dull
Just put that for relay !
I dey live my life I know dey send anybody
Now things done soft some go still dey gum body
Oro wa loso
Woni Oluwa losho
Hey hey