I’m Too Crazy Diamondcup67 Lyrics

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Lifting a shop for exercise
And evading all of my life bills
Robbing a bank of all its water
These are all things I did last night

Shopping for pockets to take away
Crashing cool cars on the canyon-side
Inventing three new branches of science

I’ll do it all in less than a day
Cause I’m too brainy

And I’ll make sure to do it daily
I’m too hasty
Should I slow down? Maybe

Becoming a racer
And I might be racist but

I won awards so nobody noticed
And I stole the trophies from the novice players

So I can say
I won em’ before everyone else did
And I ran to get some weird materials
That I’m not supposed to have

Cause I need to establish something brand new
I’m too crazy

And nobody's gonna stop me
Cause I’m feeling pretty zany
And I’m gonna blow up the world

Now everybody knows me as the guy who blew up the world (oh no)
Now nobody wants to be my friend
Cause I ended it all (oh man)

But I didn’t really mean it
I didn’t really do it
I didn’t really know what to feel

Cause I’m too wavy
And I’m feeling way too shaky
Cuz’ I’m too hazy
And I’m coming at you in 3D

But I tripped and fell
Down a hill
And I went to a really strange convention
And no one cared that I was there
Till someone recognized me and said

Oh my god your that person that won’t stop appearing on the news
(They said)
Oh my gosh your that dude that the police won’t stop talking about
(They said)
Oh my darn your that guy that just keeps on trending online
And then someone came to me and said
(Please leave)

Now I’m running around
I’m running around
I’m running around
I’m running around the places
That we’ve never been before

I’m traveling the skies
To the what else is near by
And I found 3 planets
That were very very friendly
They offered me free tours around their worlds

With souvenirs
I’ve never seen before

With technology way better than ours
And a generally cleaner atmosphere
(Because nobody actually came here)

I’m not sure
I think I’m still on probation