If I could do it all over again Twist Master Ink(C) Lyrics

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If I could do it all over again

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Once upon a time
Spilling wine
My mom plotted
With my father
To make the world
Slow grinding
On the dance floor
Can I
See you some more
I don't think
Their ready for
The big tour
70 years of my life
Beating down wooden doors
I've been here before
Me to the ground
Just to lend a hand
The chosen few
That wished
To do it over again
Hard knock life
Rolling forever dice
Tell I've hit this
A 10,000 times
If you hungry
I"ll feed you
Why don't you know?
Believes in you
Likes doing for you
Keeping your spirits up
With hen in the cup
Having a hard time
Don't ever
Think about giving up
Just think of me
The wrong thing to be
Popping in the clip
Playing my
A week
It's time
To work for tips and
Hit the club
With the ends
When everybody chips in
Can at least
Get a whole one?
I'm getting that feeling
This years
About to make a killing
The last mistakes
That the bills are paid
2 step
You can feel the rage
Look into my eyes
What you think
You see
A Young black
Running around
Smoking Butts
With some goody's
Whats that you smelling
Treat me right
Coming far
From a dummy
Even scrubs get Lonely
Now there
Young tender Ronny

North West P Town Pioneer
Twist Master Ink(C)