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Hello everybody
My name is Ngabonzira Marvin
A.K.A Mavbot
Sek and Zedex call me Eminem
I've put onto myself a couple of big responsibilities
That's owning a record label
Known as Club TIK
I got no money, I got no connections or anything of that case
I'm just using my head, creativity and maybe a couple of friends
Oh yeah
I'm really happy that I'm elevating
Every time I'm taking baby steps until I be the greatest
Mommy and Daddy have no idea about what I'm doing
But I got a bigger picture that I'm painting every morning
Bukie Art on the beat, that's why Mavbot is kinda rocking
That's why Club TIK is dominating
Today is the day, kati ffe tusimbudde
Oba kyetagiisa ki, ffe tuyayuse
Ekitone no yemu kumpajji ekutte
Eno ensi yaffe, kyovolaba ntudde
The battle to success is not an easy journey
It's full of thorns, crevices, humps, potholes
And blockages
Club TIK
To be continued