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(Hey) it have been a long time so we will see you later, BYEE and we will see you later, So whatt do we do know, Everything is gone, Why is this happening? It have been a rough day and
sad, We have to make new friends, and we will be happy. Where did all of them go? We will see you later, GOODBYEE, please come back and please come back. AND WOAHHHHH, EVERYTHING IS BACK
AND OHH we will be so happy? or not? its just been a dream so we will STOPPP and go to sleep WOAHHHHHHHH WOAH WOAHHH WOAHHHH WOAH WOAH Zap it back lap it EVRYTHING NOOOO Whereee? OHH? OHH?
OHH? and I will see you again LATER, AND WHY? OHHH, I will see you later WAIT WOAHHHH WOAHHH AND I WILL SAY (goodbye)