Depend On You Mind over Matter Lyrics

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Depend on You by Mind Over Matter

People always wanna know
how do we sing
and still wave our hands
I just wanna show the world
the joy you bring inside of me

but where do I start I
when it feels like my heart
keeps getting crushed like
over and over and over
and it’s a little beyond us (?)
And It’s kinda getting harder
But I gotta stay focused

Cause I depend on
I depend on You
On You
On You
On You
Cause I depend on you
On You
On You
On You
Cause I depend on You

If I had to do it all
All by myself
Without you me help
I’d be just like the woman at the well
Who’s life was living hell
But I hold on till I hear from you so

Can’t even take a step without You
Wouldn’t even wanna breathe without You, no I can’t lie, won’t even try, you ask me why, I’ll tell ya
Cause I wasn’t built that way
I was made to trust You and rely on You, depend on You and love You so I


Gonna let the whole world know
I love You
I gotta have You
And I depend on You