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Shi neva c a millions, so look again
mi tear up har book n while shi squeeze out mi pen
from nite to morning like its a trend
over, over, over again
she stoping speaking eng n start speaking french
the vibes tun up she meet all mi frenz
mi seh this is shearer and this is end
mi only trust God up in heaven

ppl c mi n stop n stare
di hair, chain or something i wear
dem diss mi, chat mi deven care
mi sit in a chair n mek millions a year
di luck I have bare
y I am here
mi look in bank a/c n millions appear

mi shirt no have no style so mi cu57om mi tees
di right price, di right fee (**Different Flow**)
right style fi lock di streets

di streets no have no love, jus cruelty
mi value gone up, mi worth a million tees
the key to success is I can d
whenever I want, whateva i c
pool in the back fi di house party
loyalty & royalty meaans nothing 2 mi


jus settle down baby n cum chill mi
di lifestyle, fast cars thats all she see
di fantasy life of a royalty
3 voice whisper VIP

(mi style exquisite, we must can agree
militancy like mi in army
failure is a must but that can't stop me
mi well charge up like an EV

she do as i say, caz it's simon says
tour di island, jet skis by di cays
gokart and horse riding by midday
den wi get to roleplay pon di replay
di choppa dm out but mi know mi way
remain focus always, neva stray
mi deven, get pay, til dis day
di predator now the preyyyy