By sophia No one at the moment Lyrics

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I've searched the world and searched the stars
But NO ONE compares
To the love that we share
The SMILES you bring
The laughter you create
The joy that you lay
The MEMORIES we make
The adventures we take
See the smile on your face
You must be sent from up above

Cause your some type of ANGEL
You make me feel so blissful
I feel on cloud nine whenever I'm with you
When I'm April showers you're my flowery May
Whenever you smile at me, it takes my breath away.
And when you CALL my name my heart beats out my chest.
Just the sound of your voice can calm me down.
And whenever you look at me I get hypnotized
Think I might be falling
Cuz IH CANT EVER get you off my mind
Nobody's ever had it quite like this
long nights, headlights, I'll waste all of my time
if that's what it takes
to get to you

When you give me that look
It's like a bass hit
Hit me in the chest
Yeah you know you got me shaking
There ain't no mistaking it's you
Yeah you know you got me
Hanging onto every move you make
You're something
Thought I'd never have
So let's find
Somewhere that it's
just you and I
Yeah its you