A Tall Stand Of Pines The Floating Men Lyrics

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Lost my way graduation day
One sunny morning, one spectacular May
I got far too charming on chardonnay
And I woke up naked out on Biscayne Bay
Now, I know the night like the night like the back of my
But I'm having a hard time finding my way
Yes I'm having one hell of a time finding
my way back to a tall stand of pines

I shacked up with a dame
With the sun in her mane.
Velvet loins and a funny last name
I had no way of knowing why she was going insane
Till the law caught her D-E-A-ing cocaine
You have no idea how much that explains
But it's safe to say I lost more than a day
Just another wrong turn on the long way
around to the pines

Pardon me handsome stranger, do you happen to have the time?
I can't find a trace of 1988 or '89
If you see the ghost of my daredevil youth go racing by
Flag him down an let him know
That I'll be running a good ways behind
And he can wait for me in the shade of a
tall stand of pines

I fell under the spell of a pansexual belle
With one barefoot in heaven and one high
heel in hell
She caught on to my fears with here keen sense of smell
Man, if handcuffs could talk all the tales they could tell
Somehow I clawed my way up the walls of her well
Man I shook off the moss and saw how far I fell
Another bombshell successfully repelled
on the way to the pines


Now I sailed in the Keys
and scaled the Cascades
And I stared down a gator in the Florida glades
I just winked and I waved and I waded away
To go chasing tornados in the panhandle plains
I've been mouthed in Manhattan
I've been lipped in L.A.
I've been fingered in Frisco and I'm not even gay
I got high in the john at the White House one day
Then I picked up a page and I got my ass laid
No, I can't take away the mistakes that I've made
but it's been a sweet ride
Lost on the long way around to a stand of pines