Will you remember me? Twist Master Ink(C) Lyrics

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Welcome to America

Will you remember me?

Life's a trip
Why not drift
Pass time off hemp
Tilted a 40 sip
How am I suppose to live
Will you remember this
Struggling as a kid
Right where the roaches is
Washing cloth with my hands
With arm and ham
To rinse the scent
Playing dozens with my friends
Sis piss the bed
When I had a nappy head
And runny nose
Shoes had loose soles
Weren't no cars or gold
The freezer froze
This place is fo sho cold
I wasn't told
Moving on in spirit
Nobody wants to hear it
O'so serious
Remember those in fear of us
That's left in rough
You tried to cover up
Ashes to dust
Ya'll never forget to look
For all the lives took
Turning away crook
Wasn't quick to book
Already had the loot
Hitting you girl in the booth

North West P Town Pioneers
Twist Master Ink (C)