Where we going from here Twist Master Ink(C) Lyrics

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Welcome to America

Where we going from here

Them Indians
Doin the rain dance
Feastin on
Barbecue game hens
Death before
They'll sit in the pen
Just Wondering
If hes letting them in
That died to defend
The chosen few
That overthrew
The reset of them
That chose the path to sin
The Lords
Guaranteed to win
How can I loose
When you re gossiping
While spillin hen
Didn't pour out
Nothin for your friends
I'll die with the rest of men
I don't need a Benz
Rather be locked up doing ten
Than turnin on kin
Where they pretend
That their through with juice and gin
Idled under the brim
Fatigues and steel toe Tims
The glass jewels Gems
The only way to reach the end

North West P Town Pioneers
Twist Master Ink (C)