We've been together so long Twist Master Ink(C) Lyrics

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We've been together so long

Covid 19

Hanging out by
The play ground
At the sand box
Is Where
I first meet you?
Love at first site
Someone you could
Get use to
When you up set
Feels like the rains
Coming down
If you're crying
I can't take
No more
If I can't fix it
Don't start a war
If they mess with her
I'll lay ohm down
Do whatever it takes
To bring you up
The two of us
Is all
I'm working toward?
So baby don't worry
I get mental
I'll helped you
Walk Easy
From the beginning
Through the trials
And tribulation
Of this life
Keeping you safe
Full of loving memories
And how prosperous
Is you and I
Making love
Is still so exiting
Lord have mercy
Feels so good
To be inside you
And you making me sweat
Trying to get yours in
Letting go
Tell your body's
Miss used
Like you
Dropping in low
And start switching through
Tell we start to snore

North West P Town Pioneer
Twist Master Ink(C)