The Fallen Twist Master Ink(C) Lyrics

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The Fallen

Covid 19

Funny how
Calls you
For your life
More lives
Will be saved
How it
To late
To warn you
You're the fallen
Fall so far away
To be saved
But now
Had I imagined
Still living
Would I've still smiled
Knowing this medicine
Keeping this machine
Near me
Keeps me alive
Or I'd die
Assumed it didn't
And slipped
Into heaven
Dying slow
From something
Never told to you
Is how it is spread
Spent my whole life
Took my love and shared it
But now
I'm not
The only one scared
The rest of them dead
The seams
From underneath
The shiniest things
We always lose
To the brighter things
But the lord
Already knows
Your sole belongs
To thee
But you could
Only listen to some game
Tell drained
Physical and emotionally
Is this heaven
Lying to you
All the way
While people dying
All over the ghetto
If this is
Gods will
It's being done
Why does it
Take forever?
To see the signs

North West P Town Pioneer
Twist Master Ink(C)