Speedway Mystic101 Lyrics

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Nah nah
Nah nah
Nah nah
Yea, yea, yeahhh
Yeahhh, yeahhh

We going in the speedway
I don't really wanna take you now
You been like you really wanna run now
You don't wanna take, no love (love you)
You been in the speedway
You been like you driving really fast now
You wanna catch up in the cash now
You really wanna love you (really love you, love you)

Broke my heart to pieces
Love you and I really wanna take this
Take this L from you forever
Live it in my past like forever (and ever)

Speedway (living like you really wanna take you)
Really wanna make love (love you)
Really wanna make it up to you (to you)
Loving in the speedway
Really wanna love you too
Really wanna miss everything
Everything you really do to me (to me)

I been trapped up in my mind
Saying that I'm not fine
Baby now you really wanna get meeee in my brain
Get up in my head forever
I'm gonna be like I'm dead very soon

Speedway (you be like you loving in the speedway)
Going like real fast now
In the speedway (speedway)
Loving in the speedway
You be like you going really fast now
Really wanna take (really wanna cash now)
Really wanna love everything you do to me
Speedway (you be like you loving in the speedway)
You be like you loving in the speedway