Missing Link Remark (Punk Rock) Lyrics

Recently Added Lyrics Remark (Punk Rock) Missing Link

For the nth time, I ran down the information highway
Searching for the world in the wide web
The Infobahn, The Arpanet

When did the net go wrong?
Where’ve all the sane people gone?
I felt so isolated in the middle of the autobahn

For the first time, I saw everything in black and white
through the matrix guarded by the imbeciles
Drilled to kill your digital psyche

Why did they break the link
that was supposed to unite us all?
Emotions are so badly compressed in zeroes and ones

They built this wall of execution
Where all they defend is right
and the rest must be shot on sight
There’s another way, don’t you think?
We are all connected
but the message is distorted
We must all restore the missing link.