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Make dough

Covid 19

Paddy cake paddy cake
Making dough
Come in
Fast as you can
As if
This is it
Push limit
I see you going strong
Give it your all
Just to
Miss a little
Believe in me
The Impossibles is
What its made of
What you cant see
Makes it hard to believe
And impossible to spend on
Pulling teeth for time
Money, power and paying rent
Spend some with me
Coming in
Some how
Coming out
In this time, day and age
We living in
Give and go
Making bread
With a better spread and
Blessed hands down
In coming
Watch your head
Shape shifting
Through the money
This love affair
I'm here
Giving you mine
So you can save yours
If this is
As far we go
I'll be there for you
Forever then
Hold on to us
This little bit of nothing
Going on between us

North West P Town Pioneer
Twist Master Ink(C)