Lost in the world wind Twist Master Ink(C) Lyrics

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Lost in the world wind

Covid 19

Whats next?
Try carrying me
Just in a rush to feed
The quickest to draw
And bleed throw
Feening for juice
And they need you
Gone for high noon
Love seeing you frustrated
Coming off the dusty roads
Feeling the cool steel
From the calico
They not letting it go
Because it's out their
And they want it
Or else you'll
Answered to this clips
And these
War monger lunatic
Thriving like they're sick
It's not enough space and riches
On this floating ship
Forever spinning
When you fall out
They still standing their
Skinning grinning and wining
Cut throat
From birth
Build up plaint never
Blast back before I hit the curb
Taking something back with me
Make sure they never forget me
That old thief in the dark
Soon as you breathe
Smelling out your heart
Taking you in
Feeling it's the weapon
Can you pass the test?
What good is
Whats left of you?
To the depths
Let this be a lesson
To the lot of you
Cause the family
Depend on this
Problem solver revolver
When it kick
Get it and get
Back to the nest
Where I can barely rest their

North West P Town Pioneers
Twist Master Ink(C)