Letter To The Unknown AK69 Lyrics

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(this is letter to thee unknown , I hope you make home , this is a letter to thee unknown never sell your soul this is letter to thee unknown coz you on your own)hook

Verse 1
This is a letter to thee unknown a letter to be unfold stories that were never told young nigguh but I got an old soul I had to make it on my own 6months I never been home young nigguh grinding look up and I see my nigguh smiling some nigguhz still waiting for they calling halla at my mother tell her that we gone make it through I did what I had to do nigguh I'm no fool the streets pretty cold when you sleeping on em my nigguh OD he never made it past 25 last time I saw him I saw fear in his eyes that shit cought me by surprise that made me realize we gone loose anytime as my night's turns colder my heart beat faster it's all a disaster hoping for a better future ....I pray to God he hears my cry

Verse 2
My shit pretty bad I gotta make it I got no choice things on my mind got me feeling like I got no voice chilling with my nigguhz but I'm all alone the stress on my mind got me pulled out wishing for a brighter day make it all less tell her that I need her when the times on blast money on my mind as I shit on my past I hope we make it fast smoking on that high shit looks like green grass I got nigguhz on the other side waiting for the piece of pie I really hope I get what's mine we gone work for it no stutter remember all the days a nigguh had no butter I was trapped in the fucken gutter had to get out I had a better way in all the things I say I hope you listen to the that I say