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Top ranked bar splitter, hit hard Gold Digger, 216 Wig splitter, feel free to talk about it/

I fear no nigga, I’m just trynna live bigger, slime to the max love slatt…facts nigga/

I don’t need new niggas, just to get my ego bigger, niggas know wassup wit me…same nigga but bank bigger/

OG Bruce told me that I’m the truth, Interrogations Room/

Get the clue I’m dropping atomic, the way a terrorist do/

Kicking holes into the industry don’t need a tennis shoe, or boots wit it, I’m loose wit it, they looking at me like “You Did It”/

Niggas hate I’m use to it, I keep spittin like Flu wit it, they love you to the face but niggas weird…get up thru wit it/

I don’t trust, chase, need, want, love nobody/

I got who I need right here, I put dat on my dead body/

I can’t go to church because I’m most likely to sin/

Look into my yearbook, it said “Most Likely To Win”/