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You won't know far you've fallen
until you've slept on her dirt floor

Those silk legging's of hers got so many holes
but she tries to take care of her starving poor

Sure if you're from Detroit
it seems there's so much in her to see

I'm just a tiny little gear in her machine...
How can I call myself free?

My tiny studio apartment
looks out onto a soulless brick wall

This the easiest place in the world to love
if your fetish is urban sprawl

Still, treasures abound her mansion cluttered like an antique store, and hey maybe you're even lucky enough to get your dealer to deliver right to your door

Can't you? Won't you? Paint her red tonight
Won't you...can't you - be her nine-millionth light…

This girl only wants you
to fall in love in love with you again

Her avenues are littered
with only the freshest dog poop

I saw some weirdo jerkin' off
but worse last night he slept on my stoop

$40 taxi rides
and on top of that the cabby’s always rude
and it gets so crowded out on the street
I can't even find an open park bench to brood

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