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Ohhhhhhh Ohhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhh I was riding my bike down the street thinking about my life and how i Hated myself then i lost track of where i was goin' yep fullspeed and i hit the Concreeeeeeeete Yeah Concreeeete I hit the concrete. Scraps All on my knees blood trickling down ohohoh then i started to cry feeling the pain that stung i felt like i was goin' to die then watery eyes. On my home i stopped and dropped right down on the sidewalk thinking about that tragic horror scene. i felt the steam coming out of my ears then you'd think that i would just.. suck it up. but no i headed back home to find a fire that enflamed my house. my mom shot dead on my driveway and my dad withh a.... gun and and he saw me he looked horrified he told me that it's not what it looks like so i called the police then i cried into the phone and told them come quick! they came here and my dad was arrested. i was sen't to a foster family that cared for me yeah they cared for mee yes meeeeee ohh me.