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The Rose - Inspirations

The sweetest Rose of Sharon was laid to rest in a borrowed tomb. The flowers that lived in the garden couldn't compare to the day He would bloom.
For three days the grave thought it could hold Him, but death found that it lost it's sting. When the Rose walked out there was no doubt, death couldn't contain the King.


Yes the Rose rose, and now the foe knows,  he lost the battle when the Savior said so. You thought you could hold me, just look at what's empty. I'm putting on a new robe, no longer in grave clothes. Since the Rose arose.

This Rose was like no other, once it bloomed it would never die. There could never be another, nailed to a cross and yet be alive. The aroma of a life everlasting soothes my soul and it helps me see, though I'll one day die, I'll one day rise cause the Rose ascended for me.


Most roses belong in the garden, but He had to leave to finish what He started.