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Star Zone

Yeah Yeah (yeah! yeah!)
You have to hustle (to hustle to hustle)
Yeah yeah
You gat to hustle (to hustle)

Every night and day
You have to work hard o
(Work hard)
(Work hard o)
Number one for the game
E no dey too count o
(My guy you get format?)
Alhaji come the money drop (yeah yeah)
You see me for street
You start to mock (o yeah yeah)
The Hustle get em story e o
A Stitch in time
Go save your nine
(Yeah Yeah)

Miniminimi mani no
If you get e cash
Make you thank God e o
The street is so funny
The street is so rough
To be a man
You gat get more levels
Hennessy popping
Me I'm drinking my coke
Bills to pay
My guy I swear
E don choke

To be a man o (yeah yeah)
No be by mouth o (o yeah yeah)
To be a man o (a man o)
No be by power o
Yeah Yeah eee

Shout-out to my nigga
Wer dey stand by me
Support me
Keeping me company
You be King for the area
Wer the proof to show
Calm down, keep it low
No dey fall your hands
Rise up Hustle up
Till the money drops
No grace to purchase
Wer dey come in bulk
The life we are living
Omo nah turn by turn
(turn by turn)
(turn by turn o)

Respect! Respect!!
To all the confam hustlers
Omo if you dey hustle
Hustle am tight o
The hustle go soon ripe
No dull
It's your boy Spazeboy Cares
and you know it
Biase Blood

It's Emmy P the Unbelievable Mix

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