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When I'm asleep I go deep into creepyland
I'm crossing around with a fan full of contraband
I'm kissing a swan on my lawn, but on the other hand
(She seems really into it)
In my mind, it's like a science fiction double feature
I'm Mr Spock and I can talk with every living creature
Fighting in nam with my mom and my physics teacher
(My mom is racking up confirmed kills, damn)

At night sections of my mind behind the front page break free and take a field day
And I worry less about the me who's on stage than the me that writes the screenplay

When I'm awake, I'm a flake and a deviator
Sliding my ride side to side like a space invader
Dropping my pants, do a dance on the elevator
(You got something better to do for those 30 seconds?)
Stressed and obsessed I confess a little indiscretion
Nevertheless, it is just a form of preservation
Yes, I'm a mess, but i'm blessed with imagination
(You know there is not such a thing as too much?)

I try, can't always comply it's like a lice, it's junior high they've tried to feed me
Cause I don't know what I need, but I there's always guys inside who fight to be me, and some are crazy
The world will wear away your good parts, yeah your you parts, say that's the way it be
But they don't know they're crazy too, so hold on to crazy me, but don't lose crazy you