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I believe I'm the best I kinda think that I kinda guessed
I'm kinda up for the test no s on the chest
But I can't fall in line with the rest But ball on the court I got time for the stress
Can deny it that I that I know I'm blessed
Still on my time with lying with the threats
They pull up quick with a nine ina vest
Unleash my mind let him die with a mess
I cant provide for my guess
Ima turn to john wick with the knife to the neck
Leave him layup on the wall rockets in the west
Imma change the game up hard into the nest
I play with dark thoughts yes I will confess
Controls me and my spinal possessed
A great being for some type of success
I'm done with this rhyme thing I might reassess
And what you know bout hoes hold up im in your clothes
Water in the soul cells is getting called friends and flipping homes
While your flippin flows coming from the dome like a comb
You still feelin froze I dont give a f*ck
But watchu saw now boy thinking you was Poppin
We like hell now boy you should know that your writers leave a troll now boy You didnt write the words
Id be up and you smell now boys
The opposition aint no factor
They aint on the level that im after
Bitch ima crafter not another fashion black rapper wearing goodwill like a dapper homie you can ask her
Hey put your phone down sir while you walk around here like a cone now sir you should really take off now sir
Do you throw now sir before them boys get you with the acetone now sir because theyve been watching you like and you walk around in your cabin while the crowd is just skypin
the night behind you just laughin cause you just made your choice sold out with yourself just to have a voice
Real threat is whats hiding behind the noise leaving
you in the box not a kellogs toy dont get fooled by the gifts and the atta boys its another fake lie that they might deploy
They make millions off you the delivery boy