Michael Charles – Amerikkka Lyrics

Amerikkka Lyrics by Michael Charles

How do you feel knowing that this country doesn't belong to you any longer?
I mean what do you think of that?
You might not be able to get a job because of the color of your fuckin' skin
People don't realize how far down the drain America has gone

[Verse 1]
All I wanna know is why I wanna die like this
Why so many people hate me ‘cause the life I live?
I mean so what i don't like girls and I do like men?
Do I deserve to die and never kiss my momma again?
It's been a minute God now I need you more than ever
Feel like a strangеr but I'm wishing I could know you better 
I know I changed, I ain’t еven prayed in so long
I’m tryna do right but know that I been living so wrong
I got so much to do I guess it's meant for me to prolong
Nobody to call, I hope they miss me when I’m long gone
Another black man found dead is what the paper read
My picture all over the gram with condolences
My legacy's a hashtag, how did it get so scary?
This the part of being different that nobody would tell me
Lord forgive me for my sins I ain't ask to be like this
I can't help it who I love all this hatred make me sick
Voices in my head saying damn you too emotional 
Noose around my neck like what the hell i'm supposed to do
Down to my last breathe God just let me close to you
Staring in his blue eyes body slowly turning cool
Can I live?

[Interlude 1:]
Tired of you fuckin' niggers
Die already die!

[Verse 2:]
All this pussy in the world yet you taking dicks
I hope you faggots die of aids you fuckin' make me sick
I hate the color of your skin wish you didn't exist
So when you die and burn in hell just remember this (Fuckin' nigga)
God made Adam and Eve you chose Steve
Ain't no sense in praying to him he white just like me
He don't approve of your kind so it's less than likely
That he would even give a fuck if I choked you miserably
Get on your knees nigga - beg to the master please nigga
This our country why don't you all fuckin' leave, nigga?
While you down there suck my dick and get a kick out of that
The two things I hate the most, a fuckin' fag and a black
I'll be a hero for lynching your coon ass
Probably do a month before Trump give me a hall pass
Message from the MAGA clan, niggers ain’t accepted
Now shut the fuck up and wear this noose like a necklace, nigga

[Interlude 2:]
What the fuck?
Aye what the fuck?
Aye hold up, hold up

[Verse 3:]
I think you crackers got us fucked up
I need that same energy when my guns bust
Put that barrel in yo mouth watch you bitch up
I never liked you pecker woods and what you stood for, shit
God damn white man, what's the hate with y'all?
I go to school, work a job and never break the law
And got a license to carry inase some shit pop off
I file my taxes on time and paid my credit off, fuck
Yet you still hate me
Is it ‘cause you got it all yet you still ain't me?
Is it ‘cause you rock with Ye and I rock with Jay-Z?
You owe us back four hundred years, nigga, fuck you pay me
I'm tired of seeing these MAGA hats on a fuckin' daily
I'm tired of working overtime just to feed my baby
It's a war in my hood so why I need the navy
I should rob yo ass blind, the way you tried to play me pussy
But none of you crackers ain’t worth me doing a hundred years
I got a daughter on the way tell me who gon' wipe her tears?
Who gon’ be there to protect her now from all of her fears?
Gay or straight, look, my skin just as black as his
Why you protecting a faggot and you don’t even know each other?
I give a fuck what he is ‘cause past that he still my brother
I let you live though I should've put you under
Now run and tell the clan a nigga spared your life for nothing
Fuck out of here