Kiloz (UK) – Rambo Lyrics

Rambo Lyrics

(De-De-De-De-DefBeats did them dirty)

Back that rambo straight on your mango, leave man wet like tango (Ching, ching)
Swing that arm like Anglo, splash man up in different angles (Ah)
Best not test my badness, pull up with bro and do a madness (Yoh)
Still hit shots by gaspers, most of my guys they're well known trappers

[Verse 1]
S got waps, well known slapper
Crash that corn, close that chapter
Who trap they, ain't no actor
Bando settings, count my stacks up
Rinks up bad man, he's getting it on
Off-white jug, man's getting it on
Macro pump, man's letting it off
Made man run like Usain Bolt

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