Blasian.412 – GOTHAM Lyrics


Only one thing will be able to destroy them
And even greater... of super powered foes
Yes, an army of the most deadly villains alive!!



Enough been said
I ain't gon' stop workin' till' this body dead
Pass these niggas till' there's nobody left! (yeah)
Been sittin' in my room flowin' smokin' shit sippin' some potions
Workin' my dough alone tryna' throw all these emotions. (Uh Uh)
So many pills to choose from all these switches been loaded
Been sittin' in the real with the realest on some real shit. (Freaal!)
Leaving me for real? For him? There gon' be a killin'! (tsyeuo)
Blood gon' be drippin' lean I been pissin' while it's been clearin' my system. (neuurooo)
On drugs we've been distant I'm always on some new shit
Birthing so many ideas why do I bother? (WHAT THE FUCK)
Like a hyena these niggas think that I'm a marauder
It's bothersome that I called him a son or a daughter
A horror gonna leave em' to my slaughter. On the pavement!
If you don't fuck with me you gon' get a replacement. (This one?)
Fool me fucks for three if you thinkin' I ain't gon' make shit. (Nah, NEXT!)
On all my gas stuntin' like kobe cuz' nigga I'm gettin' faded

Gonna live with no fucks to give, but so much to do
Rolling with my squad loved trust my brothers my crew
Runnin' this shit off bros gettin' buzzed cuz' they got nothin' to lose?

(Verse 2)

Gettin' rich before a bitch six throwin' hits without a miss
Gettin' nic' sick drug addicted chillin' in a pull of piss. (tssssss)
Killin' this shit drilled in this bitch on a mission. (uh)
All these weapons is listed all these weapons is twisted! (uh)
To shoot your shit in a ditch begins the switch
It's moving slowly and then quickly chewin' off it's friction. (shit on!)
Problems inside of me gon' leave a brain full to split. (Aw shit nigga)

And I've been keepin' it real! (On god on god)
Tryna' stay sober but that joker want me on a pill
Tryna prove I'm different it's like sobers bein' ill
I'd rather be ill than on something that's 'posed to make me feel real

FINE! I'll be honest. (what the fuck is this?)
I was lyin' about them pills I've been goin' cosmic. (Just think in it positive)
Fuck it gettin' in my suitcase and my proud face I'm rockin'
Flying Tuesday in Gotham like I'm a robin
Robbing green like a fucking goblin
Been on such a ride I get a rise outta' what we do at night
Spawned in a fight with a gun and a knife
I'm like a warlock with this wizard walk technique. (CHYEA)

This blizzard walk top plot for the weak of this week
Ima' throw ya' and grow off of ya 'own type beat. (Uh-huh)
Questionin' they ways I sneak and the ways that I speak
Sayin', "shits ain't for me". HA! I guess I'm too unique
Been backing shots off like a hooker off of bo peep!
Casually cookin' pots like a shot off of a beast
Met your bitch drawer jaw dropped on top begging to GET OFF ME!
They mock me! I guess I'll stay away and say, "I'm sorry?"
Bitch said he's smarter than me. Sending shots to these arteries
Writing day after day you say you could do better than me?
Finding my way I pray for the rest to play

I know that you know you too afraid to spice any beat
Shits a hard relief a true price to pay all over your green ass teeth
Fits for me a new price all over like it's Donald Glover in 2019
You hit awful you spit dog food all over your sheets!
FUCK THAT NIGGA! I'll let your shit- shit in peace.(Snorts and chews) (PIIIIIIIIGG)
Cuz' I sip pop all up on my, "woo walk"
Cuz' I sip shit off since I'm on a new block
And I'm smoked shits tipped off like I'm on a new clock
I got static shock how I shoot off leaving you in shock. (Cschhhhhhhh)
Cuz' I rocked a nob on a few stocks like I'm a slob. (Chyeaa-eh)
'but the Slobs brought cash and cough so much thought I belong to microsoft

(All clear!)